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Building Your Brand Bigger than Your Game

The Athlete and Sports Marketing Services offered by Revolving Mind Media will boost your client's careers and ensure a future during and after their professional stance. As athletes make the jump from High School to College to Professional Sports, they are faced with the reality that playing sports is not the only extracurricular activity that can affect the outcome of their potential professional and collegiate career.

Many athletes understand the level of responsibility and quickly seek a team to assist them with this heavyweight placed upon their shoulders. Our team's first-hand experience knowing how to handle the requests and create new requests through an aggressive plan which markets you to companies and media outlets worldwide.

Athlete Services


We develop our athletes brand. From logos to establishing a relationship​with their fans. 

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As we build the athlete's brand we will continue to bring on endorsement deals from multiple brands.

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Our main goal is to establish a player off the field, so when the playing days are over he/she continues to thrive through RMM’s sports marketing services.



We work closely with our athletes to schedule media appearances and train them so they are ready.

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From messaging to managing posts to creating a content calendar. Your athletes needs will be covered on social.



Athletes like to give and so do we. We will help create foundations, host events, and create appearances.


We want our athletes to be noticed. From speaking engagements to red carpet events. We will get them booked. 

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From traveling to dinner in the city your athlete lives, we will make sure they receive top-notch service.

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We will not just build a strategy and consult; we will help and guide to complete execution in any area.

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