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We Put Our Money
Where Our Mouth Is

Revolving Mind Investments is the small business investment firm of Revolving Mind. We are focused on making long-term investments in quality businesses with up 2 million in annual earnings. As small business investors focused on partnering with founders and managers for the long term, we have developed flexible ways to help build the brand.

Beyond being a private equity firm, we are a value-added partner in the companies we invest in. Our partner companies have full access to a suite of support services not limited to: tax/legal, SEO/digital, sales consulting, project planning, staffing/recruiting, HR compliance, and more.

Our passion for small business private equity stems from our team’s backgrounds as entrepreneurs and management consultants. We believe strongly that stable industry economics combined with continuous business process improvement can achieve wonderful results. Our long-term focus gives us the runway to utilize the skills we have – brand building, strategic partnerships, SEO, web development, and more – to partner with you to build sustainable, long-term value.

Our network is large and growing. We are active in many adjacent small business private equity communities, including the world of search funds. As frequent media contributors and active speakers, we have developed a significant network of investors and business owners interested in learning more about opportunities in this space. 

Have an opportunity?

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