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We Make Your Event

Revolving Mind Events offers professional corporate event planning in Dallas and throughout North America specializing in the creation, planning, and execution of B2B and B2C corporate marketing events and social functions. Our expertise extends to clients in the fields of advertising/public relations, non-profit, aerospace/defense, entertainment, fashion, health care, manufacturing, and oil production. We create experiences that inspire people to take action and influence others by building your brand strategy through the integration of your team with ours. 

We Take the Tasks Off Your Plate

✔️ Creating Event Scope & Budget
✔️ Venue Selection
✔️ Event Management
✔️ Event Design
✔️ Event Branding
✔️ On-site Logistics

✔️ Registration Management
✔️ Guest Management
✔️ Audio / Visual Needs
✔️ Catering & Staffing
✔️ Floral, staging, rentals, swag
✔️ Graphic / Web Design

✔️ Public Relations
✔️ VIP Hotel Accommodations
✔️ VIP Air & Ground Transportation
✔️ Live & Silent Auction Support
✔️ Execute and Manage Event 
✔️ Plus Much More


Our Process

  • Determining your attendees’ real-world triggers.

  • Setting and remembering goals.

  • Creating associations between your attendees’ triggers and your company’s remembering goals.

  • Using repetition.

  • Spacing those repetitions over time.

  • Providing retrieval practice.

  • Minimizing your attendee’s distractions.

  • Helping them focus.

  • Building warmth and trust.

  • Assisting your team to not forget their own memory

We understand just how difficult preparing a corporate conference, launch event, or any branded affair can be. Our team of experts is there every step of the way to ensure your next experience goes off without a hitch. We look forward to making your next event a fully interactive and impactful experience for both you and your guests!  

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