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Annual Business & Sports Event

Dallas, TX

June 27, 2024

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Bringing Athletes & Businesses Together

Pro Athletes


At Revolving Mind's Beyond The Game Dinners, we unite an extensive network of professional athletes eager to deepen their understanding of the business realm. Our immersive events offer a dynamic blend of enlightening business presentations and engaging group dinners, creating an unparalleled learning environment for athletes to expand their horizons and thrive beyond their athletic careers.

This event presents a unique opportunity to introduce your products or services to a distinguished and influential audience in a serene, stress-free environment. By participating, you'll be able to connect with key decision-makers, industry leaders, and prominent figures, fostering valuable relationships and brand recognition.

You Don't Want To Miss Out


Build relationships with people in the game and in the corporate world.


Form relationships with individuals that have a strong work ethic and the ability to respect the deal.


Meet with athletes that are open-minded to learn about life after the game.


Our athletes are always seeking new opportunities. 

Take your business to the next level!

Our Partner Businesses


Sam Strum, Field Financial Strategies

Attending Beyond the Game as a sponsor was not only an exciting experience to mingle and network with the athletes and fellow sponsors, but it was also a great place to build the foundation for new relationships, be it professional or personal. I have come away with new clients, new referral partners, and great connections with many who I plan to keep in my circle moving forward. Oh, and it’s one hell of a party.
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